Dogs have always been part of my life. After death of my rottweiler I decided to find small, shorthair and healthy breed, and all that I found in beagle. My first beagle is King Member of Snoopy Gang. With him we went to our first dog show and after that I decided that I want to be part of dog show world and to have beagle kennel.

That is why we brought Masha (Ilarion Believe in Dreams). Wonderful female, that has some of world famous beagles in her pedigree, from both english and american lines. Such as Crufts Hound Group Winner Dialynne Maximus and Windkist Walk in a Park, famous sire of many successful beagles. One of them is Westminster BIS winner K-Runs Park Me in First.

The youngest member of our team is lovely Czech girl, Ellie (Elf Yourself Alikiss) that came to us because we wanted to import some new bloodlines to Serbia. Her pedigree is great combination of european, australian and even american beagles from famous kennels, such as Skansehoj, Daragoj, Beagelee, Manahound, Starbuck Torbay.

2013 we registered kennel under the name Simply Royal. With Masha and Ellie as my foundation bitches I hope that I will have successful kennel with representative type and true beagle character.